Documents We Need in Alimony and PSS (Postseparation Support) Cases

Redact (mark through) dates of birth and social security numbers

#1 Budget

Complete a Form #4 Financial Affidavit (Word format or PDF format)

#2 Bank Info

The last 12 months of individual and business bank statements. Online statements are okay. If it is for a trial, Pitt County rules require cancelled checks and check registers.

#3 Credit Cards

The last 12 months of credit card statements, including credit cards that include you as an authorized user (not just credit cards in your name).

#4 Pay Records

The last 12 months of pay stubs/earning statements.

#5 Income

Beginning January 1 of the year the lawsuit or motion is filed through the date of disclosure, any other documents reflecting “income” from all sources, This includes (but isn’t limited to) income from: salaries, wages, commissions, bonuses, professional practice or corporation, VA or other kind of disability, Social Security benefits, workers compensation benefits, unemployment insurance benefits, and alimony or maintenance received from someone who is not a party in this case or ownership rights or operation of a business, partnership or corporation,

#6  Taxes

The last 2 years of both personal and business income tax returns, including forms (W-2 forms, 1099 forms, K-1 forms, etc.) and all schedules and attachments. If a tax return has not been filed for the preceding year, provide all forms for that year.

#7 Contracts

Copy of any prenuptial agreement (also called a premarital agreement), separation agreement, contract or court order regarding you and/or your spouse or co-parent.

#8 Litigation

All litigation documents or possible litigation, including any personal injury case, small claims case, pending criminal cases, foreclosure, domestic violence case or bankruptcy.

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